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The Black Dog inspires creativity -- its high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious tables encourage daydreaming, journaling, doodling and other precursors to art making.


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Hot Tickets for September 06 - September 13, 2005
Friday 16 September @ 00:37:50
Hot TicketsMichael Quinn & The Virgin Suicides...Bobbie Ann Mason...Concert for Hurricane Relief...Nate on Drums ...Picnic...Bone Dry aka The Copy Editor Murders...Minneapolis Greek Festival...Bryant-Lake Bowl Block Party...4th Annual JazzFest...Paul Dickinson...it's hotter than a day in the sun outside Bush's ranch!!! Check Your Pulse!

September 07 - September 13, 2005

Michael Quinn & The Virgin Suicides
Turf Club

Michael Quinn initially strikes you as a no-holds-barred wild man, but don’t let that persona fool you. His songwriting is surprisingly sensitive and poetic, so the band’s release of last year’s Sushi, Sex & Music is a good example of that dichotomy: like doing the bouncy-bouncy on pristine linen sheets. The Virgin Suicides put on sometimes outrageous shows (who could forget last year’s sushi hostess at the Turf) so who knows what surprises await for this show, which the group headlines. With Line on Sid, The Boards (with Tom Siler). 10 p.m. $2 Snelling & University, St. Paul. Rebecca Thurn

Bobbie Ann Mason
Barnes & Noble

Bobbie Ann Mason’s career fits her name well. Raised in Kentucky (Mason-Dixon Line) on a literary diet of juvenile mysteries (Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew), her nonfiction explores the feminism of those sleuths while her fictional stories illustrate the humanity of so-called “hillbillies.” Mason’s first accolades came with the publication of “In Country” in 1984, a contemporary tale of the after-effects of the Vietnam War that was later dramatized in a movie with Bruce Willis. Most recently, “An Atomic Romance” follows another Willis-type character as he ponders the universe, his off-again on-again biologist girlfriend and his place working in a nuclear facility. Once again, the play of names feels important: is this an anatomic romance of micro- and macroscopic bodies? Mason will be in town to answer all your questions. 7:30 p.m. Free. 3225 W. 69th St. (in the Galleria), Edina. 952-920-0633 Julia Curran

Concert for Hurricane Relief
Plaza Verde

Due to the slow government response, community organizations, artists and churches around the country have stepped up their efforts to aid Hurricane Katrina victims. Caravans driving south with food, water and other necessities have been on the move since last Friday. The Minnesota Coalition to Aid Hurricane Katrina Survivors—a coalition of community based, activist, faith and political groups—has formed to provide assistance. Food, clothing, blankets, water, diapers, baby formula, comfort items for children, toiletries and phone cards are some of the items needed. A fundraiser featuring local musicians will be held Wednesday. $10/$20. 1516 E. Lake St., Mpls. mnCAHS.org. To make a cash donation call 612-225-2184 or go to MissionFromMinnesota.org. Lydia Howell


Nate on Drums Season Two Premiere Party
The Varsity

There just aren’t enough locally-produced, high-quality musical variety shows in the world, much less in the Twin Cities. Fortunately, we have at least one in “Nate On Drums.” Host Nate Perbix (of Cowboy Curtis and Coach Said Not To) has already successfully presided over one season on KSTC Channel 45 and they’ve even gotten in on the television-on-DVD craze by releasing said season on a shiny new digital video disc. That is what DVD stands for, right? The premiere party promises music by a gaggle of local talent including Cloud Cult (last seen in the cholesterol-rich confines of the State Fair), Chris Koza (last seen by yours truly on the corner of Lake and Hennepin kicking a straight late-night gangsta lean) and Last of the Dinosaurs (probably last seen by some triumphant rodents in the late Cretaceous). Not to mention drink specials and a preview of season two, all within the comfy environs of the Varsity Theater, which I still maintain feels a lot more homey than many people’s homes. Or is that homely? As for the show itself, the cast and crew promise, “The half-hour show will continue to feature locally-produced animation, character-driven comedy and an all-local music soundtrack: Valet, Cloud Cult, Devaney and more.” We implore you to support local music often enough; how about supporting local television? With Cloud Cult, Chris Koza and Last of the Dinosaurs. 7 p.m. $5. 18+. 1308 4th St. SE, Mpls. 612-604-0222. Steve McPherson


Theatre in the Round

William Inge was a playwright’s playwright who executed solid storylines fueled by rich character development and fluid, lifelike dialogue. And he was that rare male author who could create authentic roles for women. “Picnic” has turned out to be one of his most enduring efforts, produced everywhere and published in myriad anthologies—and it can’t be beat for sheer immediacy. It was a success on Broadway, walking away with, among an armful of awards, the Pulitzer Prize for drama. For good measure, the film version (starring William Holden and Kim Novak) copped a pair of Oscars. Inge’s exploration of small town life, his focus on family relationships and a frank depiction of loneliness strike a universal, timeless chord. Theatre in the Round Players opens its 54th season with this American classic. Matt Sciple directs. $20. Through Oct. 2. Fri. – Sat. 8 p.m.; Sun. Sept. 11 & Oct. 2, 2 p.m.; Sun. Sept. 18 & 25, 7 p.m. 245 Cedar Ave., Mpls. 612-333-3010. Dwight Hobbes

Bone Dry aka The Copy Editor Murders
Jungle Theatre

Playwright, screenwriter and journalist Paula Cizmar has been produced off-Broadway, in London and in regional theaters from Maine to California, including prestigious hot spots like the Portland Stage, American Place Theatre, The Women’s Project, San Diego Rep, Playwrights’ Arena and Actors Theatre of Louisville. Her work comes to the Twin Cities with “Bone Dry aka The Copy Editor Murders,” billed at the Jungle Theatre as a sexy, sensual and surreal comedic thriller. The place is L.A. and the time is the 21st century in the aftermath of the Computer Revolution. Anonymous folk sustain the Info Age machine so Media High-Rollers can keep on rolling. Then, a copy editor’s brain starts to burn out as her incompetent clients vault to the big time, while she watches what little life she had start falling apart. When this particular worm turns we get Cizmar’s freewheeling take on the absurdities of being exploited and how to survive it all. Artistic director Bain Boehlke directs and does the design. $22 - $32. Through Oct. 15. Tue. – Sun. 2951 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls. Hobbes

Minneapolis Greek Festival
St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church

If lutefisk and lefse aren’t your style, if you’re tired of bratwurst and hefeweizen, and if you crave a sense of true democracy, check out A Taste of Greece this weekend at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church. Everybody knows the Greek’s can throw a helluva party, and they don’t need a wedding to do it. Numerous events are planned for the 17th annual Minneapolis Greek Festival, including cooking demonstrations, a marketplace, Kafenion (coffee house), wine tasting (woo hoo!), dance lessons, costumed performers, live musicians and food fit for the gods. A 5K walk/run for Special Olympics Minnesota also takes place Friday at 7 p.m. Toga optional. Fri. – Sat. noon – 10 p.m.; Sun. noon – 7 p.m. 3450 Irving Ave. S., Mpls. 612-825-9595 or StMarysGOC.org. Nancy Sartor



Bryant-Lake Bowl Block Party
Bryant Ave. & Lake St.

What this summer really needs is another block party. Can you ever have enough? It seems like the corner of Lake and Bryant attracts more than its fair share of block-rocking events and this year’s BLB-er should be no exception. You’ve got your rock—provided by the likes of Polara, the Swiss Army (when’s the new album coming?) and Lori Barbero’s Koalas; your hip-hop—provided by Doomtree (who, really, you have no excuse to have not checked out yet); and, of course, the awesome and thunderous sounds of the 10th Ward City Council debate! Seriously, we’ve never been short on community pride here in the TC, so you’ve got to be willing to take your politics with your music. Even after the sun sets and the cops come to explain that fighting for your right to party only extends to 10 p.m., the show moves inside for an after-party with the sweet booty-moving strains of Mach FoX. You can’t deny the appeal of a man who promotes his music with screenprinted tube socks. I found them in my desk here at the Pulse after moving in, thankfully unused. So don’t pack your sunblock away with your swimsuit just yet; the Minneapolis summer’s still got a couple nights left in her. With Polara, Doomtree, Koalas, Swiss Army, Hondo, 10th Ward City Council debate, X Men, Human Bowling, Drew Gordon, Tin Horns, White Boy Blues British Blues Invasion, Magic Show, Dykes Do Drag and more. 2 p.m. Free. All Ages. Corner of Bryant Ave. & Lake St., Mpls. 612-825-8949. McPherson

4th Annual JazzFest
Milton & Selby Sts.

This year more than 5,000 people are expected to turn out for St. Paul’s annual JazzFest. The one-day event features an eclectic mix of artisans and food (highlighting southern cuisine), businesses and neighborhood organizations, and, of course, seasoned jazz players. Dick and Jane’s All Brass Band will kick off the event with a parade through the JazzFest corridor. Other acts include Patti Lacy Aiken and the Contemporary Gospel Jazz Ensemble (featuring a tribute to Luther Vandross), Alicia Wiley and local youth groups with instructors and advanced students from the Walker West Music Academy. Kids can enjoy pony rides and a magician. Mississippi Market is sponsoring the event and this year’s theme is “Hat’s Off to Selby,” so wear your baddest, funkiest, jazziest lid. Noon – 8 p.m. Corner of Milton & Selby Sts., St. Paul. SelbyAreaCDC.org. Sartor



Paul Dickinson
Turf Club on the Old Stage

The popular long-running “Old Stage” series, held on the side stage of the Turf Club, continues to present local luminaries performing good-time music —stripped down punk, Americana, old country, vaudeville and old-time antidotes for a blue day. I never miss a Sunday at the Turf because of the phenomenal Old Stage shows, which often showcase people we don’t get to see enough and rare configurations or solo peel-offs of favorite bands. This Sunday’s special night of music and poetry is no exception. Jug band The Jug Refugees blow open the doors on this thing at 9 p.m. While it’s a mystery what strange homemade instruments they’ll bring, it’s certain they’ll create raucous joy and comic relief. They’re followed by Cave Man’s unique hillbilly hardcore, something like Metallica and Uncle Dave Macon tossed in a dryer with a cat. Then Paul D. Dickinson takes over with an underground poetry attack. If he were a superhero, he’d be an X-Man using his incisive wit and agility and his arsenal of words to destroy evil. He’s the author of the poem “I and I-94,” as well as the recent spoken word CD Lord Byron Gets Busted, which will be available at the show. Dickinson’s performed everywhere from First Avenue to The Oak Park Heights Prison. Headlining the gig will be The Unlucky Jeremy Experience, featuring keyboard virtuoso and producer Tom Siler, who also moonlights as a caricaturist and the pianist of Tulip Sweet. 9 p.m. Free. 21+. Corner of University & Snelling Aves., St. Paul. 651-647-0486. Cyn Collins


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