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The Black Dog inspires creativity -- its high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious tables encourage daydreaming, journaling, doodling and other precursors to art making.


Twin Town High (vol. 8)

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Hot Tickets for January 12 - January 18, 2005
Wednesday 12 January @ 23:04:59
Hot TicketsHappy Apple...Stephanie Says...Bright Eyes...Dr. King’s Dream...Minnesota RollerGirls...and many other toasty tix to warm up your weekend!

January 12 - January 18, 2005

Chris Koza
@ The Dinkytowner

Once in a great while a local disc crosses my desk with little to no advance hype and ends up blowing a lot of the higher profile releases in my grubby little hands clear out of the water. Chris Koza’s debut album, Exit Pesce, is a perfect example of this under-the-radar-musical-stunner phenomenon. On eight tracks of warm sophisticated folk-pop, Koza makes music that holds serious appeal for both the studious indie-rock listener or fan of classic Jackson Browne—in other words, me. Whether dabbling in McCartney-esque pop pomp (the trumpet-abetted “Tired Eyes”) or studio-sexed-up-white-boy-blues (“Exit Pesce”), the album shows impressive range as Koza’s pleasant voice rounds out cagey acoustic licks throughout. With a few of the right breaks it’s easy to envision Koza having a Mason Jennings-like following in the Twin Cities and beyond. With Joanna James. 7 p.m. Free. All Ages. 412 ½ 14th Ave. SE, Mpls. 612-362-0427. Rob van Alstyne


Happy Apple
@ The Cedar Cultural Center

Happy Apple’s members stay busy with rock-based satellite projects (members log time in Fog, Love-Cars and Zebulon Pike, amongst other local outfits) but still manage to regroup every few years and lay down another batch of adventurous, forward-thinking jazz for the non-traditional jazz fan. The Happy Apple trio—Erik Fratzke (fender bass), David King (drums) and Michael Lewis (saxophone)—have been working as a unit for going on seven years, so it’s no surprise that their sixth and latest album, The Peace Between Our Companies (which gets the deluxe two-night stand CD release show treatment) is their tightest collection of symbiotic musical mischief yet. 7 p.m. $12 adv/$15 door. All Ages. 416 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls. 612-338-2674. Also Sat., 1/15, 7 p.m., $12 adv/ $15 door. All Ages. Nathan Dean

Stephanie Says
@ The Kitty Cat Klub

Stephanie Winter has been a part of the Twin Cities dream-pop scene for more than a decade (dating back to her time in the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group during the ’90s and more recently alongside former Hang Ups guitar wizard John Crozier in the Shebrews), but Sex, Socialism and the Seaside is her proper solo debut. Winter’s selected the perfect stage name for her new vehicle, as this batch of classy cocktail tuneage can’t help but conjure images of the Velvet Underground’s more placid moments. Winter handles all the production and songwriting duties on this cycle of so-light-it-might-just-float-away slice of retro pop, but the project features a bevy of talented collaborators in Winter’s pick-up band (among them the Autumn Leaves’ David Beckey, the Owls’ Alison LaBonne and Brian Tighe). Those with a low tolerance for cutesy indie-pop will want to steer clear of Sex, Socialism and the Seaside, but anyone enamored of twinkling pianos, clean electric guitar trills and the occasional bit of Franco-inflected rocktricity will undoubtedly fall in love. This CD release show promises “special guests galore,” and one can safely expect members of the Owls to back Winter for at least some of her set. With the Owls, the Carpetbaggers. 9 p.m. $5. 21+. 315 14th Ave. SE, Mpls. 612-331-9800. van Alstyne

Bright Eyes
@ he State Theatre

It’s official—Conor Oberst has arrived. More than a decade into the music career he began in earnest at the dawn of his teenage years, Oberst—and his revolving group of Omaha-based compatriots that perform with him under the Bright Eyes moniker—have made the gradual progression from basement parties to large rock clubs and now, at long last, roomy theatres. This show is ostensibly in support of Bright Eyes’ new folk-leaning record, I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning (although that album’s official street date isn’t actually until the end of the month, when it will arrive in tandem with the more electronic oriented full-length Digital Ash In A Digital Urn), so those without access to file-sharing networks or promo copies shouldn’t expect much in the way of familiar tunes. Regardless of your opinions about Oberst’s high-drama take on the troubadour tradition—which, like all great uncompromising music, tends to incite love/hate reactions as opposed to indifference—it’s quite possible that Oberst and his motley crew of let’s give Clear-Channel-the-finger-and-make-it-famous-without-any-major-label-backing mates are about to rewrite music history and smash preconceived notions about indie-rock’s supposed commercial limitations. Simply put, that can’t be a bad thing. With CoCo Rosie, Tilly & the Wall. 8 p.m. $20. All Ages. 805 Hennepin Ave., Mpls. 612-339-7007. van Alstyne

Sigcell, Jesse Lukes, Mel Gibson & the Pants
@ The Dinkytowner

This isn’t something I say often—but those in attendance at this Dinkytowner gig will be a part of damn near unprecedented local music tech-geek history. In addition to representing the CD release show for studio-intensive psych rockers Sigcell and their epic debut, The Poet—a noteworthy enough event in its own right—the show will be broadcast live on new all local music internet radio station Misplaced Music ( If that’s not enough to get your ass over near Gopherville, then perhaps a chance to catch the whacked out beats and hybrid Hip-Hop of Mel Gibson & the Pants will entice you. Still not enough? What the hell is your problem? 7 p.m. $5. All Ages. 412 ½ 14th Ave. SE, Mpls. 612-362-0427. Dean

Planes for Spaces
@ The 400 Bar

Planes for Spaces have only been on the Twin Cities music scene for a short while, but in that brief span the trio of singer/guitarist Joe January and bassist Eli Fry (formerly of local alt. Rock outfit Recepion) and drummer Aaron LeMay (from St. Paul punk band Switchboard) have managed to turn a number of heads and been regularly appended to some of the 400 Bar’s high-profile national bills as an opening act. Creepy, semi-gothic anglophile rock with appropriately spaced out song titles (“Spiral Eyes”), the band’s four-song debut EP provides plenty of sinister pop pleasures despite its short running time. At their best moments (as on the high-toned bass-led lurch of “Dream Number One”) the band recalls early period Cure cuts like “A Forest,” with a similar knack for capturing youthful panic. With Sixth on the Bill, Mike Berg & Soundrifter. 9 p.m. $5 adv/ $7 door. 21+. 400 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls. 612-332-2903. van Alstyne

The Art Shanty Projects
@ Medicine Lake

‘Round about now many of us begin to suffer the annual ills of the inevitable cabin fever. You know what I mean … depression, jitters, overall malaise. If you just can’t watch another DVD, have had enough of stuffy movie theaters and crowded art openings, don your parka and head to Medicine Lake in Plymouth. No Name Exhibitions at the Soap Factory has curated an interesting (albeit chilly) show called the Art Shanty Projects. Thirty-seven artists are braving the elements to build 28 structures and present exhibitions, performances and activities on the lake. In this unusual array of interactive art, visitors can present offerings of fish, incense or lutefisk to the guardian spirits of Medicine Lake at Spirit Shanties; take high tea in the Sitting Room (formal wear required) and participate in perhaps the only yoga-on-ice class I’ve ever heard of in the Meditation Shanty (space extremely limited). If you thought Minnesota’s frozen lakes were just for ice-fishing old men in coveralls swilin’ hooch from a flask, think again! And don’t forget to bring your ice skates. Exhibit runs weekends and occasional weekdays through Feb. 19. 2 – 8 p.m. MedicineLake,Plymouth. 612-821-1145. Nancy Sartor

Dr. King’s Dream
@ Mixed Blood Theatre

Mixed Blood Theatre is celebrating the life and career of Dr. Martin Luther King with a one-hour, all ages performance of “Dr. King’s Dream.” Warren C. Bowles stars as the civil rights leader in a show that chronicles his life from the Montgomery, Ala., bus strike to his death in Memphis. External events in King’s career (the marches in Selma and Birmingham, winning the Nobel Peace Prize) and his thoughts on topics ranging from Malcolm X to the police to President Kennedy, as well as his “I Have a Dream” speech, are also included. Bowles, who has toured extensively for Mixed Blood, captures the dignity, courage and spirit of one of America’s greatest leaders. 3 p.m. $5 - $7.50. Alan Page Auditorium, Mixed Blood Theatre, 1501 S. 4th St., Mpls. 612-338-6131. Sartor


Minnesota RollerGirls
@ First Avenue

Talk about your alternative entertainment … the Minnesota RollerGirls are coming! It’s roller derby, it’s women and it ain’t rigged. Created and run by the players, Minnesota RollerGirls is a brand new flat-track league that’s all about physical toughness, attitude and flair—including the requisite over-the-top antics, eye-friendly costumes and larger than life personalities. In preparation for their first bout on Feb. 27, the Minnesota RollerGirls league is introducing its four teams, team captains and their uniforms to the public. There’ll also be demonstration bouts—with announcers explaining the rules—so the audience can get a real taste of what the action is all about. With music by The Spittin’ Cobras, Anchorhead & Blame. 9:30 p.m. $6 adv/$8 door. First Avenue, 701 N. 1st Ave., Mpls. Dight Hobbess

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