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By webmaster - Date: 2007-06-28 14:03:14

What’s New With Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys?


Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys hit a bump, are getting back on track and will gig, woodshed and, by winter, start their third album. In the meantime, help keep the Twin Cities safe for vintage-style R&B/soul music.

SCWB founder-guitarist Lyle “Alien” Anderson bailed in May. News less than enthusiastically received by bassist Steve Duder, who was with SCWB when it got off the ground in 1999 (drummer Mark Baker soon followed). “I was a little bummed out,” Duder recollects. “Lyle is like a brother. [But] people’s lives change. Lyle was with us seven and a-half years. Most bands last like three years, so this was a remarkable count that we were proud of. He is focusing on life with his new wife. We [all] wish Lyle the best [and] respect the fact that he put so much of himself into SCWB for so many years.” Frontwoman/vocalist Kash Ahua adds, “I was disappointed to see Lyle go. As long as he is happy. It will be different but we will keep moving on.”

Pursuant to which they’re hunting up a new guitarist and still play out to crowd-rousing success, with the addition of a second vocalist Andrea Bennett. She came on board after the second album, Pure Poison, before Anderson left, and will be on the new album. Bennett readily states, “It’s been new, interesting and exciting! I’m looking forward to learning and growing with my new family.” And you can shelve that old saw about women not being able to work together. She digs working with Kash and, as Kash says, “Things are working out just great with Andrea. She definitely brings a lot of fun and energy to the band. Not to mention great vocals. We are still learning some new songs and she is a soprano which will open up our song choices.” Duder comments, “Andrea has fit in so well with the band! She has definitely added to the chemistry. It is amazing how someone can jump into a band and fit right in perfectly. Her higher vocal register compliments Kash so well and our shows are much stronger because of it.” As for how Bennett got in the mix, she recalls, “A friend mentioned to me that SCWB was looking for a background vocalist so I did my homework, checked out the website, and let them know that I was interested. I thought that they had a nice song variety, seemed like they had pizzazz and character and had an air of both professionalism and relaxed style.”

SCWB’s bread-and-butter, strong material, shows no signs of dissipating. Duder and Ahua are holding up well. “For the most part,” he says, “I have done the majority of the writing and arranging. I think I have penned about 11 songs so far towards the third CD. Kash wrote a really good song called “Back To Take 1 To Back 2.” Two or three of the songs were based off of free jams with Mark and Lyle, and I chopped up the good parts and structured them.”

So, when will they change that awful name to something wholesome? “Yes”, says Duder. “Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys was a funny name, but the joke got old and we want a name that has more tact and class.” That’s what I get for asking. There’s nothing wrong with Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys that a good case of getting over oneself can’t cure. Bottom line, by any name, SCWB throws down with the real deal. Check their itinerary at: www.sexualchocolateandthewhiteboys.com

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