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Rest easy, people. Even though we live in dangerous times, remember that Pentagon officials are spending every waking moment of every day thinking up new ways to keep our nation safe. For cutting-edge thinking, look at the Air Force’s innovative proposal to create a “gay bomb.”

A watchdog group called the Sunshine Project reports that the Air Force sought several million dollars as recently as 2002 to develop a hormone bomb to release “strong aphrodisiacs” on enemy combatants, causing “homosexual behavior.” Apparently, these creative thinkers reasoned that if our military could turn the enemy gay—even for a little while—the enemy would stop shooting and start kissing, because ... well, you know how gays are. Don’t you?

Obviously, the Pentagon doesn’t. It rejects gays in our military on the grounds that homosexuals are so inherently frisky that they can’t be trusted to serve with others of their sex. The brass fears that, in the heat of battle, the burning heat of raw homosexual lust would overcome the sense of duty. Thus, these able, patriotic Americans are considered a hindrance that uptight military leaders simply can’t abide.

Not only is such “thinking” hogwash, it is also hurting our troops and our nation. For example, the military is desperate to recruit more Arabic-speaking linguists who can translate intelligence documents in Iraq—intelligence that could save the lives of soldiers. Yet, despite a crying shortage of linguists, 58 Arabic speakers have been expelled from service because of the anti-gay policy.

The armed forces of such U.S. allies as Israel, Australia and England include gays who serve openly, proudly, and even heroically. Why not in the “Land of The Free?” The bipartisan Military Readiness Enhancement Act would repeal the Pentagon’s ridiculous anti-gay policy. To learn more, call Rep. Martin Meehan (D-MA) at 202-225-3411.

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